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Phoenix Pride

Dear Desert View Family, 

At Desert View Schools our mission is to Educate students with knowledge, Empower them with character, and Equip them for life. At the end of last year we suspended our high school operations because we felt that the quality of education we provided was not at the level that our students and parents deserved. The scarcity of instructional resources in advanced math and science were just not readily available to us here in Yuma, and thus we did not believe we could truly fulfill our mission.. It was a difficult choice but one we felt would help our students be successful in their educational pursuits. 

Then COVID-19 happened. 

COVID-19 caused us, as a nation and as a school, to reevaluate what education could look like. We were forced to think outside of the box and rethink ways to help our students flourish in this new environment. It also gave Desert View Schools the perfect opportunity to go back to the drawing board and find ways to recreate our K-12 system. Students and parents are also more ready than ever to explore educational opportunities outside the “box” and “walls” of traditional education. 

As we begin to plan for the future, we think we can now offer our students a high quality high school education that truly fulfills our mission, in a safe, online environment, with the character and excellence that you have come to expect from DVS. 

Jayleen Hackmann, School Principal