Using Pearson Online we are able to meet the diverse needs, and wants, of our students. We encourage open communication. We stress relationships, and we want student and parent engagement. We are here to help our students figure out WHAT COMES NEXT!


Pearson Online
We use Pearson Online to meet the students core curriculum needs. They are 100% digital. Students can work online, any time, from
anywhere. We use their highly qualified teachers to support our students. Plus they will be assigned a Personal Learning Success Coach.
A program that provides career training programs for high school students. STEDY focuses on innovative career and technical education
programs. Each student has the opportunity to test for licensure or certification.

Student-centric Approach


Student-centric is the idea that we look at different approaches when teaching students. As we went back to the drawing board to figure out how to create a learning environment that is both rigorous and engaging, we chose to do a virtual high school with REAL teachers teaching and LIVE support and encouragement.

We wanted our student’s high school experience to have a direct impact on their life after high school.

As a school and organization how could we best prepare our students for WHAT COMES NEXT!

Educate with knowledge
Administer rigorous curriculum  
Provide our students with individual paths to graduation
Empower with character
Encourage community involvement
Help students learn to take responsibility for their actions
Equipping for real life
Job Shadowing

Choosing a Mascot

Why are we the Desert View High School Phoenixes? A Phoenix is a creature that stands for hope, renewal, and rebirth. A Phoenix is a pioneering spirit that is a born leader. Focusing on goals and looking at adversity as opportunities for growth.

Our students, or Phoenixes, are pioneering a new way to do school. Our group of Phoenixes, known as an Odyssey, are going to pave the way for a more student-centric approach to education.

What do we mean by student-centric? Find out next week.

The Beginning

In March 2020 the world was thrown into chaos. COVID had arrived. As schools were scrambling to figure out how best to meet the needs of students, a spark of an idea was taking form at Desert View Schools. A Phoenix was rising from the ashes of the old way of doing education.

Desert View High School was born.

Why are we the Desert View High School Phoenixes? Stay tuned to find out.

Phoenix Pride

Dear Desert View Family, 

Join our Odyssey today!

What is an odyssey you may ask? At Desert View High School we use it as a double entendre. First we are the Desert View High School Phoenixes. A group of Phoenixes are called an Odyssey, so we use it to represent our group of students.

The second way we use it is for the literal definition. An odyssey is defined as “a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience” (Oxford Language). At DVHS our students are on a journey of self-discovery. It is our goal to help students as they decide on their career path. We want them to find a path that works for them. We want our Phoenixes to be prepared for what comes next.

With that being said, we are excited to announce that Desert View High School is holding open enrollment for the 2022-23 school year. If you would like your student to become a DVHS Phoenix and join our odyssey, please contact the school at 928-317-3113 or

Jayleen Hackmann, School Principal